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ABOUT US – Rockstar Hubs International

Rockstar Hubs International is latest venture within our Rockstar Mentoring Group, the UK’s No.1 Mentoring and Investment company for entrepreneurs.

Since 2007, The Rockstar Mentoring Group has mentored and grown over 6,500 businesses in the UK. We have some of the UK’s most well known and respected entrepreneurs as our mentors and we structure all of our mentoring around achieving tangible and financial results for our clients.

The Rockstar Hubs are designed to welcome our clients in to run their businesses within the Hub. To provide them with in-house mentors they can approach on a daily basis. To provide regular networking and relevant workshops ALL with the attention of achieving one goal. To make your company more successful!

Our clients are either those who we have already invested in and whom we are committed to make succeed, or they are our mentors who are growing with our support to achieve private funding once they have properly developed their “proof of concept”.

All our clients are given the opportunity to appear alongside Jonathan Pfahl on a prominent UK TV business show to promote their business to over half a million viewers.

Powered by GCC (www.theglobalcc.com), RockstarHubs International helps corporate clients and entrepreneurs expand nationally and internationally by providing a world of international resources.