February, 2018

-16th/17th Feb

Rockstar was at The Best You Expo on Friday and Saturday

December, 2017

-2nd December

The Rockstar team was at the Property Investors Awards on Saturday, December 2nd 2017. It was a fantastic opportunity to promote Rockstar’s new property platform www.Rockstar.Property.

-2nd December

The Rockstar Property Team was at the Holborn Property Meet Christmas Party on December 2nd where they enjoyed a fantastic night of food, drinks, and amazing company!

-31st November

Rockstar was in Mayfair on Thursday, November 31st at the world premier of London Real’s documentary on Mentor Dan Pena!

November, 2017

-9th & 10th November
Business Empires Event

Rockstar Hubs International was also proud to sponsor and participate in Seriously Fun Business’ Business Empires Event. The event lasted two days and included some of the biggest names in the mentoring industry. Rockstar Hubs International had the pleasure to present our own keys to finding success just before Lord Alan Sugar of the well-renowned T.V series “The Apprentice.” Over the course of Business Empires, we at Rockstar had the pleasure to meet a countless number of entrepreneurs looking to propel their business forward. Rockstar looks forward to working side by side with motivated individuals that wish to see higher profits and greater efficiency within their growing business.

October, 2017

-27th October
International Mentoring Day

Rockstar Hubs International was proud to sponsor and participate in Chelsey Baker’s National Mentoring Day. This nationally recognized day has been backed by the government, celebrities, industry experts, and the vast majority of major mentoring organizations. The event took place on October 27th and works to raise awareness of the invaluable and rewarding contribution that mentoring makes. Additionally, the event aims to encourage discussion and ultimately showcase the benefits of both being mentored and mentoring others to grow their business. Rockstar Hubs International was proud to be one of many mentoring organizations, leading professionals, and key influencers to participate in the yearly event. As the nationally recognized day continues to expand.

September, 2017

-24th September
Women in Business Conference

It was a pleasure to participate in the amazing whole day event on September 24th designed to help people to take their business career to the next leve and, to develop amazing insights and strategies to accelerate business growth!

This was the first event of its kind, dedicated to Creating Women Business Experts, hosted by Des O’Connor – and featuring a selection of 17 fantastic guest speakers.

July, 2017

22nd-23rd July
Women Expo

Rockstar provided an opportunity for women attending the Saverah women expo the business mentoring clinic throughout the two days at the Intercontinental. An opportunity to have free 1-to-1 business mentoring to help you build a Rockstar business and take your business to the next level. Attendees received advice from the best in the business like Jonathan Pfahl, Sharon Calix, and Yvonne Bignall. The event was aimed to help empower women entrepreneurs in starting their business and head in the right direction in the future.

22nd-23rd July
Business & Investing Mastery

A two days event at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel providing audience with advice on how you can start a business or grow an existing business the smart way. Attendees learned how to earn more profit in investing/ starting in businesses while spent less time working. They also learned about property business and forex market opportunities and1 or 2 new techniques that could hugely improve business or investing results. Rockstar helps audience set their goals toward a life that get your money working for you rather than you working for money.

1st and 2nd July, 2017
Rockstar Wealth Bootcamp

2 whole days Rockstar Wealth Bootcamp at the Excel Center designed to help entrepreneurs build and grow their Rockstar business. The event featured multiple successful speakers and covered Rockstar property, understanding wealth and business context, investment opportunities, how to promote your business using social media, PR and communication, and how to build a Rockstar business. You will also learn about our new companies and projects that Rockstar owns with an opportunity to become a co-investor.

June, 2017

23rd -25th June, 2017
Power to Achieve Live Weekend

A 3 day weekend workshop at the London Excel Center giving entrepreneurs an insightful experience to help build wealth and successful businesses. The event featured multiple successful Rockstar speakers in the bonus session, and Andy Harrington, the host of the event who was The Sunday Times Best Selling Author of “Passion Into Profit – How to make big money from who you are and what you know”.

Andy has previously shared the stage with the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Bill Clinton. The event was focused on helping individuals realise their potential. Included in the event were sessions about making the right investment, how to promote your business using social media, PR and communication, and how to build a Rockstar business.

April, 2017

-April 2017
How to Build a Rockstar Business – Workshop

Another Rockstar workshop to help you build a Rockstar business and take your business to the next level. It will cover the Rockstar Resource Bank (all our companies and services available to our members) these include our Lawfirm, Crowdfunding Platforms, Sales and Marketing to name just a few. It will also cover Wealth Building with access to an Independent Financial Advisor. You will also learn about our new companies and projects that Rockstar owns with an opportunity to become a co-investor.

-26th April, 2017

Baker Street Property Meet has teamed up with Property 118, its founder Mark Alexander and Hon Legal Counsel, Mark Smith of Cotswold Barristers, to present a unique ‘one-off’ event for property investors concerned about how to address the new S24 tax on mortgage interest payments.

We will be presenting a ‘how-to’ guide on incorporation as well as other structures for those who do not qualify for incorporation reliefs to mitigate CGT and SDLT at the point of incorporation.

-25th April, 2017
Design a winning crowdfunding presentation

Another Blue Corporate event, held at WeWork Aldergate Tower. The event enabled attendees to learn about different crowdfunding models. Experts shared how to put a compelling application together and what it takes to run a successful campaign.

-11th April, 2017
Networking with Funders

This was a Blue Corporate event sponsored by us and held at WeWork Moorgate. The event offered an opportunity to meet funders offering different types of funding such as loans, grants, investments. Representatives attended from banks, crowdfunding platforms, angels networks. VCs and other financial institutions were there to provide valuable advice.

March, 2017

-March, 2017
How to Build a Rockstar Business – Workshop

Another Rockstar workshop that gives you all the information you need to build a Rockstar Business. Covering wealth building, Rockstar Investments. You will learn about our new companies and projects that you can be a co-investor and even an opportunity to be a Co-Founder. Plus much more!

-21st March, 2017

This was a Blue Corporate event held at We Work in Chancery Lane. Attendees learnt how to create an effect elevator pitch from top experts and experienced funders and how to avoid making typical mistakes when pitching to investors, to create an elevator pitch which no funders can resist.

-17th, 18th & 19th March, 2017
MIAMI event

RSHI attended this event. The first annual 2017 Growth Conference created by Grant Cardone brought thousands of people from all over the world to learn strategies from the top experts and entrepreneurs in the world.

-8th & 9th March, 2017

This event was held at London Excel and attended by RSHI. This event provided the opportunity for specifiers, suppliers, contractors, distributors to discover new and innovative products and services from the international marketplace.

February, 2017

-February 2017
How to Build a Rockstar Business – Workshop

Another Rockstar workshop designed to help you build a Rockstar Business. The workshop covers The Rockstar Resource Bank (All our companies and services available to all our members), these include our Lawfirm, Crowdfunding Platforms, Sales, Marketing, Social Media. Wealth Building with access to an Independent Financial Advisor and much more to

*Bloomberg event with recent winners of NORTHERN STARTS – 2nd February

This is a programme and competition run by TECH NORTH that RSHI participated in

-23rd February, 2017

This is an event that RSHI attended at Canary Wharf. The business funding show is the UK´s only business event exclusively focused on business funding and growth support. The event was attended by all industries to get the necessary support they needed to help them grow their business with some of the top Lenders and Investors.

7th February, 2017
London Property Meet up

This event was held at The Thistle Euston and attended by RSHI to show and promote our services. The event was setup to help everyone in the London Property Meet Up community gain access to trusted suppliers of property related business services. Mark King was a speaker and shared his wisdom.

January, 2017

-January, 2017
“How to Build a ROCKSTAR Business” Workshop

Another Rockstar workshop designed to help you take your business to the next level. This workshop will help you quickly get on track to build wealth. It also covers The Rockstar Resource Bank giving members access to all our companies and services and an opportunity to learn about our new companies and project.

-31st January, 2017

Another BLUE CORPORATE event held at WeWork in Chancery Lanes. This even was to inform how to get investment ready. Speakers included Mark Saunders – Director of Business Banking at NatWest, Oliver Woolley, Co-funder and CEO at Envestors, Yann Moulary – Investment Associate at London Business Angels, Ben Wynne-Simmons – Managing Director at CoralReef and Katrina Crus – Private Investor Relations at ClearlySo

-17th January, 2017

Another success BLUE CORPORATE event held at WeWork in Chancery Lanes. This event is perfect if you´re in a Science or Tech sector. Some of the best funders and entrepreneurs were there to inform businesses on how to find funding and to give their enterprise a boost

December, 2016

-3rd December, 2016
“How to Build a ROCKSTAR Business” Workshop
Another Rockstar workshop designed to explain the key steps to achieve the ROCKSTAR BUSINESS model, and how Rockstar Hubs International works with all companies within the group.

Nuno Barroso and Jonathan Pfahl explored the key areas to create, build and develop a Rockstar Business: Be different; Be great; Be scalable (Create a Scalable Model); Be Investible; Be Sellable “Exitable”


November, 2016

-16th November, 2016
“The Investment Conference: Next Round” Conference
Rockstar sponsored this conference at NatWest in Bishopsgate. Investment firms shared how to get equity funding, while entrepreneurs discussed how to build a successful enterprise that attracts investors.


-7th – 10th November, 2016
Websummit Lisbon 2016
This technology conference is for companies and startups to learn more from some of the top tech executives in the world. Nuno Barroso, one of the Directors of Rockstar Hubs International, was present at this three-day event in Lisbon, Portugal. Nuno connected and networked with various types of businesses, start-ups and new entrepreneurs.



October, 2016

-27th October, 2016
“National Mentoring Day”
Rockstar Hubs International was present on the 2016 edition of the National Mentoring Day.

This event recognises and supports the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes to our economy and our society, and was founded by the award-winning business mentor and Rockstar Hubs International board mentor Chelsey Baker.



Lord Young with a Key Note to the audience at the National Mentoring Day event at the House of Lords.

September, 2016

-20th September, 2016
“Meet Leading Business Angels Networks”
The purpose of this workshop was to educate business owners about Business Angels Investments and how they can help. Rockstar Hubs International sponsored and attended this event at WeWork on Chancery Lane.

-10th & 11th September, 2016
Fast Forward Your Business – FFYB
Rockstar was sponsoring the Startup Battle at the Fast Forward Your Business event over the weekend.


July, 2016

-5th July, 2016
Crowdfunding Workshop: How to Succeed on Top Platforms
Rockstar sponsored another great business event at Wework Chancery Lane, showcasing crowdfunding and capital raising platforms and what makes a successful campaign.

NB at the Blue Corporate 5th July 2016_resized

June, 2016

-21st June, 2016
Grants, Loans and Equity for your Innovative, Scientific or Tech Venture
Another successful BLUE CORPORATE event at Wework in Chancery Lane, as part of London TECH WEEK. The event was focused on funding for UK businesses.

BLUE CORPORATE EVENT_21st June 2016_small

-6th June, 2016
APPG Entrepreneurship at Parliament House
The Rockstar Team was present at the APP entrepreneurship event at Parliament House, to continue their support of entrepreneurs.

APPG Entrepreneurship at Parliament House_ event on 6th June 2016

May, 2016

-26th May, 2016
Effective Business Planning and Pitching for Debt & Equity Funding
Another great event organised by Blue Corporate Events and sponsored by RSHI, which was held at NatWest in Bishopsgate.

This was great for people wanting to learn what lenders and investors want to see in a business plan and how to pitch it effectively.


-18th May, 2016
Another great event sponsored by Rockstar Hubs International from the Blue Corporate Events, took place at Central Work Whitechapel.


-11th-12th May, 2016
SeokHyeun Hong from NEOPOP won the best Pitch at the Midas Touch sponsored by Rockstar Hubs International.

[NEOPOP] Pitching competition at the Business Show 2016 _resized

-11th-12th May, 2016
The RSHI team was present at the London Business Show in LONDON EXCEL, 11th and 12th May. This was the largest UK B2B show with expert speakers/exhibitors.

18th May EXCEL LONDON EVENT_image to RSHI website_resized

-4th May, 2016
SLP at Deloitte Digital Studios
The RSHI team was present at the Deloitte Digital Studios in The Buckley Building last Wednesday, 4th May. This was a great event for Companies who were pitching for investment, following Rockstar’s advise and preparation.

4th May - Deloitte Digital Studios_reduced

April, 2016

-18th April, 2016
The Deloitte Digital Pitch for Funding Event
The RSHI team (Jonathan, Ketan and Nuno) was present at the Deloitte Digital Studios in Farrington on last Monday, 18th April. The candidates for the final event on early May had their chance to get invaluable feedback from the Rockstar panel.

18th April

– 13th April, 2016
Funding for Startups, Early-stage and Micro-businesses
Another great event sponsored by Rockstar from the Business Funding Show is coming next Wednesday!
If you are a Startup, Pre-revenue, Early-stage or Micro-business, here’re the top funding options we want to introduce you to!
Being a startup you might start feeling that funders are reluctant to startups, and open to only established businesses… Well, it might be the case, however, there are still many options for you out there. Hence, we’ve decided to bring top providers actually looking for businesses like yours. This unique event will enable you to meet representatives of debt and equity bodies, learn about accelerator programmes that don’t charge any fees for helping you to grow, show you the ways to get attractive for Angel investors, etc., etc. However, the main benefit of this evening as the case with all our events is that you’ll be able to meet those who actually have finance (not only know where to get it) and willing to invest it. Come along to this exclusive event if you’d like to find more:

1- 2016-04-13 20.14.09_reduced

– 6th April, 2016
As major sponsor of this event, RSHI is a presence on the biggest monthly business & startup gathering in London. It is a great opportunity for everyone to promote businesses. It is a powerful & productive platform for people who want to gain clients, to promote businesses & projects, to create publicity or to get advice from great mentors & entrepreneurs. There was over 3000 people registered and 1000 people in attendance.


March, 2016
– On 16th March, RSHI was the major sponsor and participant at the CrowdFunding event organised by the “Business Funding Show” at Wework Chancery Lane.


February, 2016
– On 2nd and 3rd February, RSHI was the major sponsor and participant on the Old Billingsgate event developed by “Business Funding Show”. This was a great opportunity to see and listen to a large range of investors and entrepreneurs from different sectors together in one room.


November, 2015
– China Investor Presentations in Shanghai and Beijing on the 7th of November 2015 to the 21st of November 2015.

China presentation

– New Rockstar Business World App to launch very soon…..