Barry Bennett

Mentoring is a role which has evolved naturally for me over the years. If you encounter a successful formula, why wouldn’t you share this with other people?

I initially embarked upon a career in property approximately 16 years ago. I utilized a matured savings plan and bought my first property consisting of a small retail building, with upper offices. I refurbished this building converting the upstairs into a flat, and the downstairs into a commercial space which became a successful restaurant.

I realised the potential of the property and development market, and over the last 14 years I have utilized the economic opportunities to grow a substantial, successful property portfolio. I understand the complexities of property management, property development, refurbishments, and the conventional buy to let/ rental market.

Recently, I have found myself supporting and assisting young adults looking to establish a trade or career, and employing my networking skills, to facilitate their journey towards their chosen career path. I have found the role of mentor to be fulfilling, an opportunity for me to share my successful formula, and an opportunity for me to give back to the community within which I live.

My expertise is property and growth and I relish the opportunity to share my winning formula with you.


Barry Bennett is extremely knowledgeable and has many years of experience on the subject of Property and the business of Buy To Let. He has a very approachable, friendly personality and has much to offer as a business man & mentor on the subject. We have known Barry for over 10 years and have always found him to give excellent sound advice when making important and sometimes problem solving decisions concerning the Buy To Let/Rental Property Business. 

L. & P. Wisefield (L&P Properties)

I have known Barry Bennett for over 40 years. He is a devoted friend to all , I cherish his friendship. Barry Bennett is a man any person can truly rely on. After enjoying great success in his self made property business. Barry loves nothing more than advising any one he comes into contact with, that they too can be successful investors. In my case I enjoyed considerable profit with buy to let properties after consulting with Barry. And also my own son Paul, has made a career in the property business after speaking with this fine gentleman ! To my mind , I cannot praise my friend Barry Bennett any higher!  He is a property genius. And I love him!  Antony Hizer 

I have acted as the Accountant to Mr Barry Bennett since 2001. He manages and runs successfully a substantial property portfolio and has probably dealt with all the different areas of property investment and development that you could come across. I would place a high value on his judgement of people, practical matters and his own ability, always coming over as confident and has been efficient in dealing with all aspects of his business. I have been most impressed when we have attended meetings together and as a result of his excellent communication skills I am certain he will always be able to work well with other people.

Barry is able to comprehend relevant facts quickly, follow evidence and make decisions quickly he will have no problem imparting his knowledge over to colleagues and other individuals, and his main strength is to consider all matters carefully. His judgement has always appeared to be sound and he will be able to fully meet any commitments that may arise, having a high degree of integrity and honesty. Yours faithfully Stephen Lesser