Chelsey Baker

CHELSEY is one of the UK’s leading business mentors and for the past decade has successfully raised the profile and enhanced the brands of hundreds of businesses throughout the UK. Chelsey is a marketing and communications expert with over twenty years experience. Dragons’ Den star Doug Richards recently presented Chelsey with an award for winning the 2013 “Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Awards” a ceremony that took place at BAFTA. Chelsey has a particular interest in helping start-up/early stage businesses establish themselves. A widely respected business woman whose passion is helping others achieve great success.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chelsey numerous times and she has proved to be an outstanding business woman who is genuine and hugely inspiring. I have witnessed first-hand the response to Chelsey’s mentoring which is always overwhelmingly positive; she brings the benefits of integrity, expertise and life experience and has the talent and charisma to match; a fantastic business mentor who has my highest recommendation.”

Richard Farleigh, of BBC’s Dragons’ Den

Chelsey is the author of the book “The Pocket Mentor” – the 24/7 mentor to fast-track your business,” and creator of “Broadcasting Your Business – the Pitch, Press & Publicity Programme” which she launched to support innovators and entrepreneurs. Chelsey’s advanced communications programmes help businesses to maximise their profile and enhance their brand. Chelsey was invited to join US Media guru Joel Roberts on stage at his Language of Impact World Tour where she lectured on communications. Chelsey is known for her integrity, pioneering innovation and inspirational training.

Chelsey is an authority on having the ‘perfect pitch’ to increase sales/ win contracts and deliver high Impact presentations. Chelsey’s marketing skills will have a direct impact on your business and help you stand out from the crowd; a specialist in pitching for funding and establishing strong key messages; a communications expert with a proven track record. Chelsey is the host of ‘The Midas Touch’ at the Business Show in London where she has listened to over 700 entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas; previous panellists include Peter Jones, Doug Richards,
Rachel Elnaugh and Jonathan Pfahl.

Chelsey strongly believes in supporting other entrepreneurs and was chosen to mentor for the Government’s £150 million Start-Up Loan programme which she has been running successfully since January 2013 with Rockstar Youth. Chelsey has years of practical senior level management experience and has provided business consultancy to many leading companies. For two years Chelsey had her own business advice column in the prestigious City Magazine and Canary Wharf Magazine and has been commissioned to write numerous feature articles which have been published in leading business journals.

As a regular speaker at high profile business events Chelsey hosts many business shows and award ceremonies around the world. Chelsey is a true entrepreneur having previously launched her own TV channel. Chelsey has interviewed many celebrity business speakers and now teaches others how to master the art of public speaking, pitching and presenting.

Chelsey has already helped many fledgling entrepreneurs and with a strong commitment to give something back created “The City’s Top Model Entrepreneur” a competition to promote female enterprise. Chelsey teamed up with Dragons’ Den star Richard Farleigh to encourage more women with entrepreneurial skills to consider starting their own business. The show was a pioneering format and the model entrepreneurs were mentored to deliver their business pitches to an audience of over 600 people where the winner walked away with over £20,000 in prizes.

Chelsey has been featured extensively in the national media as a leading entrepreneur and has been interviewed by ITV, the BBC, SKY News, NTL, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Guardian, BBC TV, Sky News, BBC2’s Working Lunch, Radio 5, LBC, Capital Radio, Reuters, The Financial Times and The Independent, Canary Wharf Magazine and City AM.

“Chelsey is an exceptional entrepreneur who strongly believes in supporting others; she has a magnetic ability to motivate and encourage; making a profound difference to everyone she mentors; her nurturing approach and honest advice is invaluable. Chelsey is totally dedicated to encouraging enterprise and committed to empowering everyone she comes into contact with.” –

Richard Farleigh, of BBC’s Dragons’ Den

Recent Rockstar Testimonials for Chelsey:

Chelsey clearly understood our vision as she was able to give advice on the direction of our business in terms of branding, marketing and sales. We have followed her guidance and the advice provided to us about starting up and running a successful business has given us a “head start” in terms of business lessons. We have effectively compressed perhaps a year’s worth of experience into a much shorter period of time and at a fraction of the cost!

Jean Soloman

Chelsey helped me to understand why my web-site wasn’t working. She was open and honest and gave me some valuable feedback on what I could do to improve my sales. Chelsey inspired me to go away and do the work that’s needed and she helped me clarify my message so that I stand out from the crowd, showed how I could rebrand myself and what I need to do to sell more effectively and how to create a sense of urgency to get ahead. Chelsey is very knowledgeable, skilled and enthusiastic yet very supportive and warm.

Claudia Crawley – Winning Pathways Coaching

Chelsey is without doubt a people’s person and in turn this made me open up and I was able to discuss all my concerns freely. I thought she was amazing; positivity oozing with great business advice … calm and to the point with good constructive criticism and great energy. Chelsey got me and my business totally! Chelsey made me see the business more clearly and to understand my core business and where to make my next move. Every business should have a visit from CHELSEY!!!

Fiona Ellis -EllisEye Interiors

Chelsey provided informed feedback and advice right from the start. Chelsey Baker is a “human hurricane!” who always sees the positive and is a great confidence booster and extremely committed; for which I will be eternally grateful! Chelsey is inspirational in that she provides the support and confidence that sole business owners sometimes lack and is always keen to support and advise on what we need to do next – and is helping enormously by providing expert advice on marketing techniques in order to raise the company profile. We will continue to work together as Chelsey is a great “sounding board” and provider of thought provoking ideas.

Graham Chick – GemaTech UK Ltd

Chelsey’s sessions were outcome focussed and structured in a way so that the session aims were fulfilled. Chelsey is very professional, honest, yet very caring which filled us with confidence in her commitment and ability to help us drive our business forward. Chelsey is enthusiastic, reliable, has integrity, is a fast thinker, has a social conscience and is a good listener. I would certainly recommend Chelsey’s services to anyone starting a business.

June Crandon-Miles – JunieJune Gift Shop

Chelsey highlighted aspects of our business that we could work on straight away and also picked up on things that would help us out in the long term. Chelsey was very easy to get along with and made us feel at ease from the moment we met her. She had clearly researched our company and put time and thought into how we should improve our business. She was enthusiastic and inspiring. We needed an outside opinion as we’re very close to the business and Chelsey picked up on many things we could improve on. She offered expert advice and clearly knows her stuff!

Hayley – Eco Boutique

Chelsey gave me the confidence to continue to progress my start-up idea. I knew I was facing many challenges and needed focus and direction. I found Chelsey to be very positive and helpful, but at the same time constructively critical. Chelsey had solid experience in branding, positioning, marketing and also good communication skills and a willingness to listen. Our professional backgrounds are dissimilar which is great as I can learn so much and I enjoyed working with her. Chelsey understood my idea and gave me a list of tasks I need to accomplish before I move forward. I now have a priority list of tasks to complete and a short term start-up strategy.

Richard Foster – Data Ventures

Chelsey was up to speed very quickly and grasped our business model. Chelsey had already done some thorough preparation so our meeting time was very productive. Chelsey is creative, knowledgeable, helpful and very personable and lively which made the mentoring fun! Chelsey highlighted key areas that needed attention and acted as a catalyst to generate more focused activity.

Mark Robson – Insight Group

Chelsey was knowledgeable and friendly with the ability to see the potential in my business with creative ideas and clear vision. Chelsey had an honest approach with straight forward thinking – to the point – I like that! It was clear she understood my vision and was able to advise on good/bad ideas and I also learned essentially what is working/not working at the moment and how change this for the better. Chelsey was able to give me a clearer direction on how to start to achieve full business potential – Although a few more sessions will be needed before the full potential can be rewarded!

Sarah King – Orcinus Recruitment

We appreciated Chelsey’s willingness and flexibility to meet us at short notice. Chelsey was warm, friendly and above all professional. She has incredible credentials and experience in the fashion industry and beyond. We appreciated how she immediately “got us” and is willing to help us pull it all together. We also liked how she can think outside the box! We felt this was a pivotal moment in the business development of MEILING Inc.

Sharleen Chin – MEILING Inc.

Chelsey was outgoing and inspiring from the moment we shook hands. Chelsey understood our business objectives and gave us valuable insight into various business techniques and market approach. Chelsey gave honest and constructive feedback that shed new light in various areas of the business. Chelsey had extensive understanding of business as a whole, thoroughly researched our industry and is a great listener. Chelsey understood our vision and gave us great advice on how to move forward and indicated areas which were not clear to the customer and gave us insight on how to change and review our offer.

Lee Eld & Chris Barron – EB Advantage Ltd

Chelsey was frank; she’s a straight talker like I am. Her personality adds to her expertise; easy to talk to and share business ideas which is a very important characteristic for any mentor. Chelsey is an expert in people & relationship building; business savvy, professional, a great listener, marketing and brand building specialist, a strategic thinker and ultra organized! I can be a bit cryptic when I speak about my vision but Chelsey got me and helped me see where I can refine things further, make the business model more robust, whilst focusing on creating a brand and SME of myself.

Rhonda Best – Alexander Bain & Associates Ltd.

We were impressed by Chelsey’s intelligence, enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Chelsey had depth of business knowledge, ideas on moving forwards, focus and honesty. Chelsey has already given us a lot to think about in terms of branding/marketing, and potential new designs. We hope that Chelsey can really drive us on how to get the product and brand ‘out there.’ We expect to have a very fruitful mentoring relationship with Chelsey. From the basics or how to organise the business, to the marketing and the growth of the business – we know that Chelsey will give invaluable advice and direction.

Tejinder Nanra – ILY LIFE Ltd

Chelsey ‘just got it!’ Chelsey is very knowledgeable in her field and highly ethical. I feel she gives her all to her clients and Chelsey is able to stay objective while having the ability to empathise. Chelsey helped me consolidate my message that I need a two step strategy.

Romilla Ready – Ready Solutions Ltd & Co-Author of Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies

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