Rockstar Hubs Interviews:
Agostino Stilli

Agostino Stilli is a Co-Founder of Bicycle Safety Retailer, Cycle: Cycl are designers of innovative cycle safety solutions. They launched their first product, wing light indicators for bicycles, in December 2014. Their aim is to help cyclists to be safer on the roads and to increase awareness of cyclist safety, within major cities and indeed across the world. Agostino came to The Rockstar Hub for help to get the business off the ground. “Rockstar is a great environment for a startup. You not only share the space, but also the aim of succeeding, and the mentors are very keen to help you do so. Here you really feel the willingness to grow together.” To find out how Rockstar Hubs can help with your business success why not take advantage of our 1-to-1 mentoring session offer: SPECIAL OFFER: Book an initial sales and business strategy mentoring session with the one of the Rockstar mentoring team in the Hub. Secure one of the remaining places at a discounted rate of only £47+VAT (down from £247+VAT) Click the link below now to secure your place: