Sales Outsourcing

Our outsourcing team will ensure that your business attracts the highest volume of potential sales using a dedicated outsourcing strategy incorporating marketing, telemarketing and sales management.

Outsourced Sales, Marketing & Lead Generation



£2000 Select
  • Day 1 – Client’s presentation: Company and Business, information supply.
  • Day 2 – Development of strategies and processes
  • Day 3 – Rollout development and training for sales people.


£1400 /per month Select

(Minimum 3 months)

We go through rigorous processes of selection of the candidates, always looking for the best professional. Professionals will be chosen and trained, and always overseeing by RSHI team.


Whether it’s B2B, or consumer businesses B2C, businesses that sell products depend on strong sales strategy. Without a powerful sales strategy, a company may not be able to reach its goals or full potential. Further to that is the fact that every business that fails, only does so because it doesn’t sell enough.

As any business focus is to optimize net profit efficiency, any savings in any department can add straight to the bottom line. Rockstar not only has access to world class sales strategies that can help any business strive and sell but it can provide and manage those sales people in low cost jurisdictions that gives a double benefit to our partners that use the Rockstar Sales Outsourcing Program.

As companies grow, they need direction with their processes that require fine tuning as well. Processes need to be geared to get more out of the same tasks that people execute on a daily basis. It leads to consistency and repeatability making things predictable and faster. Sales processes do the same job. Techniques to cold call, methods to translate a call to a sale, are all part of the game for a salesperson or company. While there are no magic formulae, there exists several frameworks and methodologies that help companies focus on their sales target.

The sales target has to be met each quarter. Where do you go? Whom do you approach?

At times, the sales process itself could be hindering the sales growth. In such cases, the process needs to be redefined. Employing different tactics be it, sales promotion or door-to-door sales are all geared towards increasing revenue. At the end of the day, it is the bottom-line that we understand.

Entrepreneurs and companies should know that there are experts in the field who are more than willing to do their job for them. That is, develop, strategize, plan and help them execute the plan. That is their expertise and skill.

Why should you outsource?

  • Saving time
  • Saving Money
  • Access to Rockstar national and global resources
  • Access to Rockstar Strategies
  • Access to Rockstar low cost base
  • Access to Rockstar Economies of scale
  • Access to Rockstar Relationships
  • Access to all other Rockstar Products and Services

What does Rockstar Hubs International do?

We provide mentoring and consulting services for entrepreneurs and business owners respectively. From there a world of Wealth Creation and Wealth Building becomes available to our Partners…

  • Wealth Creation Program (WCP)
  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Capital Raising
  • Admin Outsourcing
  • Unique Investment Opportunities
  • Help with education and training such as personal development for entrepreneurs