The Launch of National Mentoring Day

Chelsey Baker and Jonathan Pfahl, talk about the huge success of the launch of National Mentoring Day. Rockstar and Chelsey have been working really hard to raise the awareness of the importance of asking for help when it comes to the success of your business. Too many startups, mid-sized companies and established business are not seeking the advice they need. However, all the evidence is there to show that when you have someone mentoring your business, you will grow faster and be more successful. The idea behind National Mentoring Day is to show people the results and get more people picking up the phone to ask for help in overcoming challenges. In this interview Jonathan and Chelsey discuss the importance of having a mentor in your business and the difference it can make. To find out how Rockstar Hubs can help with your business success, why not take advantage of our 1-to-1 mentoring session offer: SPECIAL OFFER: Book an initial sales and business strategy mentoring session with one of the Rockstar Mentoring Team in the Hub. Discounted rate of only £47+VAT (down from the regular £247+VAT). Click the link below now to secure your place: