Top Business Mentor Chelsey Baker’s Mentoring Success Story

Rockstar Business mentor Chelsey Baker has been working with Nicky Tribble to build a very successful event and wedding photobooth company: Photo Buzz Nicky never imagined she would be building her own business, having struggled through her school years due to being dyslexic (unknown to her at the time). As a result she had completely ruled herself out. But when she got her diagnosis, there was a sudden realisation that actually she could do anything she wanted, she no longer thought she was incapable of anything, she just had to find her own approach. Nicky came across the idea of her photobooth company when she was away for a wedding in America. The wedding she attended has a photobooth where friends and relations could get together, dress up and have fun. It seemed a wonderful way to record the day. When she got back to the UK she did a little research and found there was nothing like it in the country. She found and bought her first booth and started to build her business. Nicky came to Rockstar for mentoring to try and help her with promoting the business. ‘Chelsey sat me down and we went through everything ’til she really had a great understanding of my business from the very core. A mentor is someone who looks at your business from a different angle. My business is my baby and I’m very close to it and sometimes it’s hard to take a step back. So when you have a business mentor they kind of take that step back and go “let’s look at this�? and you go “how did I not notice?�?‘ Nicky believes you should never accept advice from someone who’s not where you want to be. When she came to the Rockstar Hub and met Chelsey Baker, she recognised her as being where she wanted to be and therefore knew that Chelsey was the right mentor for her. Chelsey says the key thing to being a successful mentor is to really take the time to understand your mentee, how they work and the skill level they’ve got. From there, you can understand how to deliver the information you want them to take in and act on. To find out how Rockstar Hubs can help with your business success why not take advantage of our 1-to-1 mentoring session offer: SPECIAL OFFER: Book an initial sales and business strategy mentoring session with the one of the Rockstar mentoring team in the Hub. Secure one of the remaining places at a discounted rate of only £47+VAT (down from £247+VAT) Click the link below now to secure your place: